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Special Deals on Dicewords and Juggler
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by Graham Lipscomb; about Dicewords
For any number of players (including 1). Three rolls of nine special alphabet dice to make the highest scoring word you can. It’s that simple - or is it? This compact word game defies its size to be an enthralling race to the finish.

Dicewords is a beautifully simple concept, and can be played on many levels, so it’s a great gift choice. The key to the game is really The Dice Table, a chart which lists the letters available on each of the dice - enabling players to weigh up the odds of getting the letters they want.

Fiendish! And over 10 million combinations means it’s never the same game twice...
£6.95 each
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Luxury Wooden Dice Tray 
for Dicewords by Graham Lipscomb; see larger picture
Circular Wooden Dice Tray, in durable solid wood with felt rolling surface & felt underneath. 29cm diameter (playing surface 24cm diameter). £17.95 plus P&P. The perfect solution for playing Dicewords on the move.
£17.95 each
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Dicewords Timer 
for Dicewords by Graham Lipscomb; see larger picture
If your aunt spends far too long deciding what word to play, you can give her a little hint with this quality sand timer. And you can even use it for boiling eggs too!

Buy our Bundle Deal and get the timer for free. See Bundle Deal offer below.
£1.50 each
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Dicewords Bundle Deal 
by Graham Lipscomb; view accessories page
The Bundle consists of one game of Dicewords, one Dice Tray and one Timer (see individual descriptions), but you save £3 on the individual prices.

Also if you order the Pocket Scrabble Dictionary at the same time, you can have all four items for £26.95 (a total saving of £3.40).
£23.40 each
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Pocket Scrabble Dictionary  limited stock: only four left
640 pages. Published by Collins.
(Save on cover price of £4.99)
; view accessories page
Check words wherever you are. This genuinely pocket-sized dictionary (110mm x 75mm x 40mm) is great for both Dicewords and Juggler as it includes plurals and different verb forms. No more arguments - just go by the book! Contains Scrabble hints and tips too.

And if you order it at the same time as the Dicewords Bundle Deal, the dictionary is only £3.55, saving you a further 40p off the cover price.
£3.95 each
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Spare dice for Dicewords 
for Dicewords, by Graham Lipscomb; about Dicewords
If you’ve lost one of the dice, you can buy replacements here (75p per die plus p&p). The nine dice needed for the game are Gold, Indigo, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Brown, Black & Green.

Please specify which colour(s) you need in the comments box on the payment page. And just so the dice completely match, let us know whether your dice tube has a round or D-shaped cap.
£0.75 each
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Dicewords German Version 
by Graham Lipscomb; about German Dicewords
DAS WORTSPIEL IN IHRER TASCHE. Launched at ‘Spiel 2010’, this is the German language version of Dicewords - a completely different edition from the English set. It uses 10 dice and has its own Dice Table (or Würfeltabelle) with different letter distribution. And of course, the letter values also reflect their usage in the German language.
Viel Spaß!
£6.95 each
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Dicewords German Bundle Deal 
by Graham Lipscomb; about German Dicewords
This is the German version of the Bundle Deal, consisting of one game of German Dicewords, one Dice Tray and one Timer (see individual descriptions). Again you save £3 on the individual prices. Please ensure you order the correct Bundle!
£23.40 each
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by Graham Lipscomb; about Juggler
2 - 6 players. New from the inventor of Dicewords: Juggler draws on many of the qualities of great card games - adding words into the mix. It’s all about seeing potential words in your hand and weighing up the odds of getting the other letters you need. Can you make a word using your higher-scoring letters? Watch out - the cards you discard may be just the ones your opponents are waiting for. Elegantly strategic and definitely addictive.
£4.95 each
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Juggler plastic box 
Plastic box to hold and protect your Juggler set; Graham’s Games
Keep your copy of Juggler just like new. We certainly recommend this high quality plastic carry-box. Should protect against pretty much anything, including water. We haven’t tested it on elephants though.
£0.95 each
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by Graham Lipscomb; about Creeper
2 players. Move your pawns on the squares, claiming each octagon you jump over with a disc of your colour. The player who successfully links his two corners with discs wins. But the discs can be turned over by your opponent, AND your pawns can be captured. An intriguing game of positional play. Very limited stock.
£17.95 each
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Colliding Circles Double Set 
by Graham Lipscomb; Colliding Circles and Creeper in one box; about Colliding Circles
2 players. Colliding Circles is played with 75 dice on a board of 54 touching spots, arranged to form interlocking circles. Place your dice on the spots to form number combinations around the circles, and score points. But your opponent can see what you’ll be able to play next... A tactical struggle from start to finish. Currently available only as a double set with Creeper.
£29.95 each
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Wooden Travel Creeper 
published by Pintoys International
invented by Graham Lipscomb
; see more
See game description for Creeper above. This is a neat wooden travel version of Creeper published by Pintoys International, of which we have a very limited stock. You can buy it direct from the inventor on this site. This item is now out of production, so these are very rare copies.
£25.00 each
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