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Communes Britannica

Communes Britannica

Throw away all your assumptions about communes.

That they came and went with the hippies; that they don’t last; that they are full of lazy, idle, good-for-nothing idealists; or sex & drug crazed maniacs!

Come on a myth-busting tour of Communes Britannica with communes insider Chris Coates, 20 year veteran of commune living, cohousing pioneer and editor of Diggers & Dreamers, “the communards bible”.

Come on a journey through war-time pacifist land groups, meet post-war idealists in the 1950s in their quest to build a better world, find out how the hippie commune movement really came about and what happened to it.

Most important of all learn how communal living provided a viable alternative way of life for thousands of people in the latter half of the 20th Century!

Includes Chapters on:

  • 1960s & 70s communes movement
  • Pacifist wartime communities
  • Spiritual communities
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Back to the Land communes
  • Christian Groups
  • Rock bands who lived together

Plus a comprehensive directory of intentional communities from the period.

Check out Chris’s Communes Britannica blog
Chris Coates
520pp paperback, b&w illus
ISBN 9780951494592

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