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Cohousing in Britain
£12.00 each
Edited by Sarah Bunker, Chris Coates, Martin Field and Jonathan How
paperback, 164 pages, numerous black and white photographs and plans; Diggers and Dreamers Publications
A series of essays examining the history, current practice and potential of cohousing, which combines the benefits of individual homes with those of communal living. It is a bottom up initiative with people coming together to finance, design, build and run their neighbourhood. Private homes sit alongside communal facilities such as a common house for regular communal meals and events, a laundry, guest rooms and even car pools and workshops.
Diggers & Dreamers 25th Anniversary Edition
£14.50 each
Edited by Chris Coates, James Dennis and Jonathan How
paperback, 200 pages, numerous colour photographs; Diggers and Dreamers Publications
It’s a quarter century since Diggers and Dreamers first came out and we’re pleased to announce that communal living in Britain is as vibrant as ever.

There are many different ways to “do” intentional community... urban; rural; spiritual; secular; under-one-roof; co-housing. They’re all represented in our Directory. So if you’re contemplating a communal future this book is the best starting point — there’s even a whole hand-holding section!
Other articles look at getting new intentional communities established as well as the importance of keeping control of assets for future generations. There’s lots to learn.
Go on. Dare to Dream... but be prepared to Dig as well!
An Adventure Shared: The story of the first Quaker Community at Bamford
£12.00 each
Rachel Rowlands
paperback, 198 pages, numerous black and white photographs; Diggers and Dreamers Publications
There are many ways in which you can do ‘community’ and there’s always something relevant to be learnt from other people’s experience of communal living.
In this book Rachel Rowlands tells the story of the original Bamford Quaker Community over its 25 year life. From start to — almost — finish.
It’s rare to read such a detailed and honest account of the entire lifecycle of a communal group. All the problems and pitfalls are there but so, also, are the many achievements and successes.
The Quaker Community at Bamford in Derbyshire was, and still truly is, a Community of Friends.
Low Impact Living Communities in Britain
£12.00 each
Edited by Sarah Bunker, Chris Coates, James Dennis and Jonathan How
paperback, 152 pages, numerous black and white photographs; Diggers and Dreamers Publications
Human impact on the Earth has to be reduced but how far are you prepared to go? Could you live a really low impact lifestyle? Would it be easier if you were within some type of low impact living community? In this book you can read about the ground-breaking inventiveness and ingenuity of such groups. There are lessons here for everybody who wants to carry on enjoying life on this lovely planet.
Utopia Britannica
£16.50 each
Chris Coates
312pp paperback, b&w illus; Diggers and Dreamers Publications
This archaeology of dreams explores every corner of these islands detailing over 500 utopian experiments in a comprehensive historical gazetteer and telling the stories of our utopian ancestors from early Christian Sects to the foundation of the welfare state ... — less a catalogue of broken dreams, more a rough guide to a utopian future.
Communes Britannica
£25.00 each
Chris Coates
520pp paperback, b&w illus; Diggers and Dreamers Publications
Communes don’t last they say. They’re associated with good-for-nothing idealists or sex and drug crazed maniacs!

This myth-busting tour by a veteran takes you from war-time pacifist land groups right through to hippie communes showing that communal living actually provided a viable way of life for thousands in the latter half of the 20th century.

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