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Looking Up 
Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Support Group
36pp hardback; 30 pages of colour photographs; 280mm x 216mm; Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Support Group
Pictorial stories follow the early years of several children with Down’s syndrome in Cornwall. It can be difficult for families to envisage what their new baby with Down’s syndrome will be like. The book helps to explode the myths and shows that, given the right opportunities, children with Down’s syndrome develop alongside their peers.

The purchase of the Looking Up book for £19.99 funds a full ‘New Baby Congratulations Gift Pack’ that our charity gives out to as many new parents as possible when they receive a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome for their baby. To find out more follow this link: lookingupbook.co.uk
£19.99 each
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Going to School 
Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Support Group
20pp softback; full colour photographs throughout; A5 210mm x 148.5mm; Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Support Group
This second book in the Looking Up series is for children to share with their grown-ups. Pictures rather than words are used to convey a message. The images have been chosen to give you an opportunity to talk about the many things that may happen during a typical school day — learning together, making friends and having fun. Some of the children in this book happen to have Down’s syndrome and some of them don’t. This publication is a celebration of diversity and inclusion showing that we are all more the same, than different.
£3.99 each
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